Additions, Renovations, and New Builds

  Do you find that your house lacks the space and openness that a home should carry? Have you considered expanding and enlarging the overall space and accessibility of your home? Well look no further! A perfect way to achieve these desired results is to incorporate an addition into your home.

Prior to planning your home addition, it is important to consult with Balta B Plumbing as per your desired outcome. Home additions require building permits because of the scope of the work involved. The bigger the project, the more consideration required by the city.

A building permit is a formal permission by the city to begin construction, demolition, addition, or major renovation on your property.

The city must review your plans to ensure that they comply with the Ontario Building Code, Local Zoning Bylaws, and other related laws.

The purpose of the building permits is to regulate the type of construction allowed in a particular community and to ensure that minimum building standards are met to comply with safety of the homeowners as well as the surrounding neighborhood.

As the building owner, you are responsible for complying with all building requirements.

When is a permit required?

  • constructing a new building, including temporary and farm buildings
  • renovating a building
  • constructing an addition to a building, including sunrooms
  • building a deck
  • altering the interior of a building, including finishing a basement
  • moving a building
  • demolishing a building
  • changing the use or occupancy of a building
  • building a fireplace, install a woodstove or install a chimney
  • altering or modifying a plumbing system
  • installing a sprinkler system
  • installing a fire alarm system
  • constructing a retaining wall

There are great benefits to adding an addition to your home, whether it is a second floor addition or a garage addition or a new deck. You are truly giving value to your home and creating new interiors & exteriors that will feel as if you have moved to a new home. The key here is to work with your budget and the rest we will take care of.

The bathroom is one of the more popular spaces to be renovated. Bathrooms are an essential part of your house for it is one of the most frequently visited spaces in a home. A bathroom, just as any room in a house, can carry many different styles and designs and can be created or re-modeled to portray a variety of different moods and attitudes whether the homeowner wishes to depict a homey and comfortable aesthetic appearance for their bathroom or a sophisticated and elegant presentation.

Renovation is one of the more popular forms of upgrading your home or business but why renovate your kitchen? A kitchen renovation is one of the rooms that will give you the most bag for your buck. The kitchen is more frequently known for being the heart of every house. It is a gathering place where friends, family, and visitors share many memorable experiences. This is a place where food is not just food but an artistic vision.

Your basements can be used for several purposes. This is why it is important that you, as the homeowner, receive the basement that you desire.  For any kind of basement usage, Balta B Plumbing can deliver determined and willing to work contractor’s team to your home – in the Hamilton or surrounding Golden horseshoe area. Is it time for you to renovate your basement? With the help of Balta B Plumbing, a well renovated basement will increase the value of your home .  We will get the task done smoothly and efficiently.

Are you searching for a way to upgrade your home to your preferred liking? Are you growing bored of looking at the same rooms every day when you return home from your daily priorities? Home renovation is one of today’s most frequent answers to these problems. Home renovation allows your chosen contractors to virtually alter, upgrade or re-model your lovely abode.

If you have a lot and some plans we can build your dream home for you. Or if you have a lot and don’t’ know where to go with it. We have all sorts of plans different styls and different sizes what ever you want and or need.